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Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit and MDL Information for Heart Attack Victims

05/30/2013  Recent news on the Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit or more appropriately the Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation has been made public by the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation.  The Newly formed Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation or any Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit does not affect any individual’s right to file an independent Granuflo Lawsuit if they suffered a heart attack as a result of a dialysis treatment that included the use of Granuflo. Contact us today if you suffered a heart attack during or shortly after receiving a dialysis treatment.

Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit vs Granuflo MDL

The Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation that was formed under the authority of the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation is similar in many ways to a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit. Although the Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation is similar to a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit, they are not identical in every respect.

In the Graunflo Multidistrict Litigation Granuflo cases may be consolidated before the court to which the Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) was assigned.  Although the Granuflo MDL will allow certain arguments that are relevant to all Granuflo Lawsuit cases to be heard and ruled on as if they were a single case, the individual cases joined in the Granuflo MDL remain essentially separate cases. Cases filed in an MDL remain eligible to be tried separately or settled separately from all other cases joined in the MDL. Adding an individual Granuflo Lawsuit case to the Granuflo MDL is not mandatory.

In a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit, individual Granuflo Cases would be joined together in a similar fashion to an MDL however, the individual cases in a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit would retain less of their individual status. In most Class Action Lawsuits all cases joined together are essentially tried as a single case and are not eligible for an individual trial or settlement. Individuals may opt out of a Class Action Lawsuit and pursue their case separately however, they would not receive any of the benefits gained from the class action.

It is not surprising that lawyers for Granuflo Lawsuit Plaintiffs opted to seek the formation of a Granuflo MDL instead of a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit.  In order to have a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit certified by a court, plaintiffs lawyers would have to demonstrate that a “Class” existed. A Class, for this purpose is a group of individuals that have been injured or harmed by the same defendant or group of defendants. In addition, the Class must have been injured harmed or damaged by the defendants to a similar degree. Given that some Granuflo Lawsuit plaintiffs sustained far greater injuries than others it is possible that a court would not certify a “Class” for the Granuflo Lawsuit case.

Unlike in a Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit, it is not necessary that the plaintiffs in the case have similar damages or that a “Class” be certified for an MDL to be formed. For an MDL to be formed their needs to be a group of plaintiffs that were harmed, injured or damaged by the same defendant or group of defendants however, the plaintiffs injuries damages or harm does

Granuflo Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Unfortunately many patients that were incorrectly dosed with Granuflo during a dialysis treatment suffered fatal heart attacks. In the event that your loved on suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of a heart attack caused by Granuflo, you may be eligible to file a Granuflo Wrongful Death Lawsuit as the result of the loss of your loved one.

If you or a family member suffered from a heart attack shortly after receiving a dialysis treatment, please contact us today.  A free legal consultation is available and we would be happy to speak with you about your individual Granuflo Lawsuit. We are also happy to provide additional information on the status of the Granuflo Multidistrict Litigation or any Granuflo Class Action Lawsuit that might arise.

Contact us today using our toll free number or the contact form on this page. There is a time limit for filing a Granuflo Lawsuit so please do not delay in contacting us. The time limits for filing a Granuflo Lawsuit can vary from State to State.

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